House Cleaning Week and the First-Ever Poll at!

While making my "Best of" list of novels from 2012, I noticed that I have been very negligent in keeping my New in Hardcover label up to date. When I started this blog in the summer of 2008 kid's eBooks weren't a big deal and, the way I saw it as a bookseller, parents were most concerned with the cost of a book. Having a label that let parents know a book was new and would therefore be costing almost $10.00 more than it would when, in most cases, it came out in paperback a year later, seemed like a helpful thing. Over the years, I have learned that many of my readers are active patrons of the library, making the cost of a book irrelevant. Also, I realized that I only use or update this label half the time. Either I forget to use it or I forget to remove it when a book comes out in paperback. As a bookseller, the paperback release was very exciting to me - almost as exciting as the initial hardcover release, especially if they changed the cover art.  But maybe this doesn't matter to my readers?

With that in mind, I am conducting my first-ever POLL and hope you will participate. Over the course of the next week, daily posts will feature reviews of books that are new in paperback - new meaning the last sixth months. However, if, after the poll, I find that the format of a book is mostly irrelevant, I'll probably loose the "New in Hardcover" label and discontinue my practice of re-posting a review when the book comes out in paperback.

As always, thanks so much for reading! Please know that the information from this poll will be used solely by me.

What format do your kids read books in most?


T. said…
Tanya, we read books in every category optioned in the poll. I, personally, find your 'hardcover' reviews helpful in knowing about what is new on the market. The replay of hc reviews for when the book is then released in paperback serves a really important purpose -- my daughter's interests and reading level is constantly evolving and your reviews, both new and re-visited, are welcome reminders of the quality available at all reading/interest levels!
Tanya said…
Thanks! Your comment is very helpful! I still approach all this with a bookseller's eye and realized that not everyone shops at bookstores for printed books anymore. Like you, I like to be reminded of books a year or so down the road.
nopinkhere said…
I almost never buy hardbacks new for my children. Occasional picture books are the exception. I would have liked to been able to give purchased paperback copies as a second choice. Perhaps if you offered a monthly summary of reviews for books that have come out in paperback? I appreciate the reminder.
Tanya said…
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Tanya said…
Sadly, the poll is not that finessed. But, you can pick more than one option! Another sad thing I noticed in my last few years as a bookseller - publishers really cut back on the number of picture books that they published in paperback.

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