Thank you SO MUCH to my anonymous gift giving family!!

A small thank you from my family for taking the time to help.

Reading your Bio and your reviews has led me to realize something about you. Everyone, at one time or another either envies or admires the limelight sports figure, dancer, actor, musician or artist for making a living doing something they absolutely love. You are a Michael Jordan or Meryl Streep in your own right. Youve seemingly immersed every facet of your life from education and employment to your children and hobbies with your obvious passion for literature. Confucius said if you love what you do you will never have to work a day in your life. Im truly awed by your bliss. Thank you.

Monday I opened my email to find this wonderful, wonderful letter in my inbox (above). Along with it was a gift card for a tea shop! I absolutely love tea and am so excited to use my gift card for something really special to drink (and share with my older son, who is a tea connoisseur) but I am especially touched by your words. What you said makes me feel like I won a big award - the Newbery of book reviews!! And reading it again makes me a little teary, actually. You are right, this is my passion and I do what I do because it brings me bliss. When I sit down to write about a book I am in a "let's get the word out about this amazing book" zone and am not thinking about what happens after I push the "publish" button. I do check my stats and I always love when readers comment, and I do know from emails from so many of you that you value what I do. But, to have it put into words so thoughtfully and eloquently, means so much. Besides feeling appreciated, which is always lovely, your words gave me the perspective that we all need from time to time and a reason to step outside myself and feel pleased with what I have accomplished, something I don't do as much as I should.

So, THANK YOU!! And if you feel like it, please send me an email and tell me who you are!

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