Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin

Everyone always needs another book about monsters (and robots) but you might ask yourself, "Do I (my kid) really need another book about colors?" If the book is Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin, then yes, you (and your kids) do need it!

Austin's monsters are fantastic! Not really scary, these monsters are kinetic and a little bit frenetic. They love to scribble and dance an wiggle. Who doesn't love to scribble? And dance and wiggle? What I love most about Monsters Love Colors is that it makes me want to get out my crayons, colored pencils and paints and do some scribbling of my own. I'm sure that will translate to kids as well.

Austin's language in the text as the monsters color each other is as colorful as the paints and crayons the monsters are having a party with. My most favorite part of Monsters Love Colors, and I think this has something to do with growing up watching Sesame Street when it was new to the airwaves, are the pages where the monsters are making new colors by combining the ones they already have. Some frantic monster scribbling with the red and the yellow crayons makes for a great illustration!

I can't wait for Mike Austin's next book due out this August...

Source: Review Copy

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