Open This Little Book, by Jesse Klausmeier, illustrated by Suzy Lee

There's been a lot of buzz about Open This Little Book by Jesse Klausmeier and Suzy Lee for months now and I an so thrilled to finally have it in my hands! The concept for this book is right up my alley, and knowing that the amazing Suzy Lee provided the illustrations - and in a style I haven't seen her use before - is especially exciting. Open This Little Book has a classic feel to it, both in the story and the illustrations and it also feels like the kind of book a child will remember well into adulthood, hanging on to and sharing with her or his children. Add to this something very cool about the origins of Open This Little Book that I discovered while reading the brilliant picture book illustration blog Seven Impossible Things (that you can read about at the end of this review) and you have a book you will want to run about and buy right away!

Open This Little Book has several little books inside of it. The idea is simple and so much fun. The book begins...

And continues...

And continues on until you reach the Little Rainbow Book in the middle. A Giant is sad because her hands are too big to read this tiny tome. But, her friends, the animals from the other books, help her out and read the story (about a ladybug who reads a story about a frog and so on) until everyone is closing their books. My most favorite part of Open This Little Book has to be the last line which reads, "You close this little read book and . . . open another!" After the ellipsis, a page turn reveals this lovely illustration:

 So, that super cool thing I learned while reading Seven Impossible Things? Just like David Shannon's No David, Jesse Klausmeier wrote a version of Open This Little Book when she was five years old! 

Source: Review Copy

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