Where's Waldo : The Totally Essential Travel Collection by Martin Handford

I know you don't need me to tell you about Martin Handford's Where's Waldo? look-and-find phenomena that first arrived on American shores in 1987. In the last 25 plus years, Handford has created six more original Where's Waldo? books. Even at $7.99 a piece in paperback, it gets pricey to purchase every single Where's Waldo? book, although these are books kids do return to again and again. As a bookseller, I frequently saw teens and college-aged kids wander into the picture book section looking for Where's Waldo? books. Now, for a mere $14.99 (or probably less, depending where you buy your books) you can give your kids a collection that encompasses pages from ALL SEVEN Where's Waldo? books!
Each book is represented in this collection by a gatefold page that tells you the name of the book and gives a checklist of items to find besides the impossible Waldo. This travel edition, not the first but the first that includes pages from all seven books, is smaller than the oversized originals and has (like those awesome little Moleskine notebooks) an elastic band to keep it tidy and closed. Basically, this is an ESSENTIAL item to pack for any kind of traveling (except for maybe long car rides - just sitting on my couch looking at the pages and tiny images makes me a little headachy...) you plan to do with a kid aged 4 and up!

Source: Review Copy

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