Doodle with Maisy by Lucy Cousins

Last year I reviewed Create with Maisy by Lucy Cousins, which I adored above all else for the fact that Cousins really did create a craft book with projects that are truly geared toward and doable by toddlers. Cousins also happens to be the author of the BEST book of fairy tales for toddlers, Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales, which is perfect in all ways - selection of fairy tales, length of fairy tales and degree of scariness in the fairy tales. So of course I am going to get excited about a doodle book by Cousins! And, true to form, Cousins does keep her content at toddler level in Doodle with Maisy. Sadly, I couldn't find any interior images to share here, but I can tell you that a thoughtful three year old with decent motor skills will really enjoy this book, with a little reading help from an adult. Cousins's artistic style is childlike to begin with, which is comforting. The doodle tasks in the book cater to the capabilities of the intended audience. One page with circles of varying size and colors suggest kids draw a snail, the sun, carrots on a plate and a face. Two pages decorated with silverware and plates ask kids to draw spaghetti and pea on one page and a favorite food on the other. There are words written in block letters for artists to decorate, trees that need leaves drawn on them and a cheetah who needs some spots. These are just a few of the activities in this brightly colored, well crafted doodle book. And, it's only $8.99! Worth every penny.

Source: Review Copy

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