Littleland by Marion Billet

Having worked as a children's bookseller for so long, the enduring popularity of Martin Hanford's Where's Waldo? series is not lost on me. Nor is the fact that there are so few Look-and-Find books published for kids, especially books with quality illustrations. There are also only a handful of Look-and-Find books that are geared towards toddlers, so, with illustrations and ease in mind, I gleefully read Littleland by Marion BilletLittleland does not disappoint on either front and meets my NUMBER ONE requirement for a Look-and-Find book: it can be enjoyed by a pre-reader. 

In Littleland, the list of items to be found are easily identified on the page. While there is text in Littleland and a little story as well as labels for the items on the list, this book can truly be enjoyed by a two or three year old. Also, Billet's illustrations are adorable and wonderfully colorful. 

Best use of Look-and-Find books: Keep one or two of these nifty books secreted away for times when you know you and your little looker will be stuck in a waiting room, airplane seat or some other such place that requires sitting still.

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Source: Review Copy

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