A Message to My Readers

At the beginning of July my daughter was involved in a very serious accident while working as a counselor at a Girl Scout Camp. She almost lost her right foot and is facing a second surgery and a long recovery that will keep her from spending the school year abroad in Paris as planned, although we are hoping she will be able to return to her college for the Spring semester. In addition to this, my current job has been downsized to one day a week from five. While this deeply saddens me as the opportunity to get out of the bookstore and work for a literary agent with an amazing client list has been the most stimulating thing I have experienced, second only to writing for this blog, the timing couldn't be better in light of my daughter's needs. I am grateful that I will be able to be home with my family during this difficult time and to return to a job that has meant the most to me in my life - being a full-time mom. 

In light of these challenges, I find I am not able to concentrate on reading and reviewing books for my blog, as much as I would like the escape that this provides. Because of this, I am going to be posting (with a couple of exceptions) two or three weeks of repeat reviews. Think of it as summer reruns! Also, this time coincides with the 5 year anniversary of my blog and feels like a nice way to look back. I'll be poring over the books I have reviewed and picking my favorites as well as titles that I think have been overlooked to share with you - again.

It feels a bit odd sharing this personal information here, but at the same time many of you have been reading my reviews for quite a while and have shared information about your kids in your comments so it feels right to explain the temporary changes ahead.

As always, thank you so much for reading my reviews, sharing your thoughts and opinions and those of your kids. Please keep reading and, if you believe in that kind of thing, please send healing thoughts our way.

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