I Can See Just Fine by Eric Barclay

I Can See Just Fine by Eric Barclay, although it is a fantastic book to read to a child who needs, is getting or has gotten glasses, is also just a really great story with a funny twist at the end that can be enjoyed by anyone. As someone who began wearing glasses in first grade, I can relate to I Can See Just Fine. You would think that, when my first-born child had a tough time in soccer, a sport that she seemed like a natural at, we might have realized that she needed glasses. It took us a several months and a bad season of soccer before we figured it out at the end of second grade. My youngest couldn't wait to get his glasses and be like his big brother. Even though the eye doctor said he didn't really need glasses just yet, he happily got a pair to wear in the classroom and at movies. So, I have quite a few personal reasons to love I Can See Just Fine, but I am happy to say that I love Barclay's story and  his  charming artwork even more.

Despite the fact that here are a few signs that Paige might need glasses, she insists that she can see FINE!

Finally, mom and dad get her to the eye doctor where their suspicions are confirmed. Unhappy with the diagnosis, Paige grudgingly goes with her mother to the eye glass store where a wealth of options overwhelms her.

Things get a lot better for Paige after she gets her glasses - especially school. But, there is still one obstacle in her way and one more funny mistake for her to make because she can't see out of her finger-print-smudge-covered glasses...

Source: Review Copy

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