Accessorize by Hennie Haworth

Accessorize by Hennie Haworth is yet another amazingly fun Big Picture Press book that is guaranteed to engange and entertain kids and adults. With over 600 stickers and 16 art cards, the options and hours of fun are almost endless. So how does it work? The art cards each feature a unique illustration and instructions. So, the page below, which tells you to "Spec these Spectators," becomes...

Spectacular! (Sorry, couldn't resist...)

The image above (and those below bordered in hot pink) was created by a workshop participant at the Cheltenham Literature Festival where Hennie was a guest speaker.

You also have the opportunity to accessorize some photos of parakeets on the page that instructs you to, "Take a Bow." And you can fill the compartments of a jewelry box when you "Stock this Box Until It Rocks."

Another art card gives you the chance to "Pack Your Backs" and "Pack it In." My favorite page, which I couldn't find an image of, features some garden gnomes and asks that you "Find Every Hat a Gnome."

Below are images of some of the pages of stickers to accessorize from. In addition to glasses, jewelry, bags, bows and hats, there are shoes, scissors, cell phones, scarves, umbrellas, key chains, turtles, press-on nails and more. Lots more.

Source: Review Copy

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