Mo & Jo : Fighting Together Forever, by Jay Lynch and Dean Haspiel, 39 pp, RL 1.5

Mo & Jo : Fighting Together Forever by Jay Lynch and Dean Haspiel was part of the inaugural line of TOON Books that debuted back in 2008. Now in paperback, I am adding it to my long list of TOON Books I have read, loved and reviewed. Be sure to check out the TOON website for cool things like the Cartoon Maker, which lets kids create their own Mo & Jo panels!

Mona and Joey are at home playing their Mighty Mojo game, surrounded by Mighty Mojo comic books, posters, statues and yo-yos, fighting over the controls when the doorbell rings. In walks Mr. Mojoski, the mailman, to deliver Might Mojo posters for Mona and Joey. When he realizes that the kids are fans of Mighty Mojo, Mr. Mojoski reveals that HE is Might Mojo. And he is about to retire. He gives the kids his suit and telling them all his powers are in it, then heads south. Of course Mona and Joey end up fighting over the suit and eventually ripping it in half. Happily, Mom is able to turn it into TWO suits, dividing up Mojo's power. Mona gets the stretchy arms and Joey gets the magnetic boots and, naturally, they argue over who's power is better.

Mo and Jo head downtown for the parade and find that Saw-Jaw has plans to ruin it. Can Mo and Jo stop fighting long enough to fight together and stop Saw-Jaw from ruining the parade and hurting people? I LOVE how much Mo and Jo fight in this book and, while it's a bit hyperbolic to suit the super hero plot, I felt like their bickering was pretty darn realistic and hilarious - now that my kids don't argue like that anymore. It's not just the fighting super hero kids that make Mo & Jo : Fighting Together Forever a great book, though. Saw-Jaw is this really weird lizard-gator-metal creature in a strange purple stretchy suit that looks a bit like an old fashioned swimsuit. The book is tons of fun and, while it has been five years, I hope that Lynch and Haspiel have another Mo & Jo story to share with readers!

Source: Review Copy

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