My Monster Bubblewriter Book by Linda Scott

My Monster Bubblewriter Book by Linda Scott is so many things all in one. On the outside, it is a book that teaches kids how to write in different scripts, mostly monsterly, and add a splash of creativity to drawings, cards, notebooks, bedroom walls and more. There are pages of letter samples and places to practice writing in the different styles. 

Then, My Monster Bubblewriter Book morphs into a drawing-activity-educational book, Sneaky Chef style... Sock Monster gets a lot of page time, much of which is spent encouraging kids to play with verbs, nouns and adjectives. Prompts, clues and guided pages encourage and inspire creativity and higher thinking at every step.

But there's more! Monster word searches, a DIY monster word search, monster stationary, monster pencil toppers and a challenge to write a monster limerick are all part of this fantastic book. Really, there is so much packed into these pages that I can't even begin to squeeze it all in here. Here are a few more pages to help you get an idea, though! Also, check out the cool book trailer for My Monster Bubblewriter Book below.

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Source: Review Copy

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