The big wet balloon by Liniers, 32pp, RL 1.5

The big wet balloon by Liniers just might be my favorite new TOON Book. Written by Liniers, also known as Ricardo Liniers Siri, creator of a hugely popular comic strip published in the Argentine newspaper La Nacion. He lives in Buenos Aires with his wife and two daughters, Matilda and Clementina, the inspirations for this book. Liniers reminds me of Kevin Henkes at his best - he shows an understanding of children and how they communicate with each other, with and without words, and how they play when they are alone and beautifully translates that into words and pictures.

Waking up in the morning, big sister Matilda is excited because it's "SAAATURDAAAAY!" She explains to Clemmie, so far just a pair of arms in a crib, how to do things on a Saturday, and all the things that you can do on a Saturday. Even though it's raining and Clemmie seems apprehensive, Matilda tells her she knows what to do. In one of my favorite spreads in the book, Matilda tells Clemmie to get her boots, but Clemmie  brings her red balloon from her birthday party.

The two finally make it out into the rain, with Clemmie mostly cautiously watching. But, eventually, she joins in the fun that Matilda makes for her, showing her worms and how to catch raindrops on your tongue. The birthday balloon makes its way back into the story, along with a rainbow. Matilda tells Clemmie that they should give the balloon to the rainbow and tears follow. But, Matilda makes it right in the (very adorable) end!

While this is intended to be a beginning to read book, I think that The big wet balloon is a great read out loud and the PERFECT book to give to sisters.

Source: Review Copy

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