Something New at . . . Literary Celebrity Guest Reviews!

Last year I ran my first ever guest post. Greg Means, one of the authors of the graphic novel The Cute Girl Network wrote a review of YES, LET'S, a fantastic picture book by Galen Goodwin Longstreth and illustrated by Maris Wicks. While I definitely liked getting the day off, I absolutely loved being introduced to a new book and this got me thinking and sending some emails. I asked authors and illustrators (and author/illustrators) if they would take the time to write a review of a book that influenced them as a child or an overlooked book that they would like to call attention to. Despite my rotten timing for this request, so many authors and illustrators (and author/illustrators) responded positively that I've decided to (hopefully) make these guest reviews a regular feature!

So, keep your eyes out on Wednesdays for these (Literary) Celebrity Guest Reviews! Authors like Lesley L. L. Blume, Mary Ann Hoberman and Tom Angleberger will be among the first to share reviews of favorites - from childhood or otherwise - with reviews from more amazing folks to come!

There is only one tiny downside to this new venture that's not really a downside at all. So far, I find myself purchasing all the books that my (Literary) Celebrity Guests are reviewing . . . And this is exactly what I hope you will do also!

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