LMNO peas by Keith Baker

LMNpeas by Keith Baker is a great example of a traditional picture book that works really well as a board book. Originally published in 2010, LMNO peas begins...

Every brightly colored page features details that readers can pore over again and again as well as the surprisingly entertaining, enterprising little green peas who are on hand to demonstrate the many jobs (and verbs and adjectives) that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

Baker's peas are absolutely charming and he is very clever about sneaking little pea related puns in. There is "Happea Farms" on the F page. The drum kit for an all-pea band shows that they are called POD. On the K page, we learn that some peas are kings - the monarch kind and the Elvis kind. My favorite are the yogi peas in the bow pose near the end of the book. The blurb on the back of LMNpeas promises that "peas of all professions play and prance across the pages!" And that is exactly what you get, with the final page proclaiming, "We are peas from A to Z, Now tell us please . . . WHO ARE YOU?"

And, if you can't get enough of those peas, be sure to look for 1-2-3 peas - also in board book format!

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