The World of Mamoko in the Year 3000 by Aleksandra Mizielińska and Daniel Mizieliński

Daniel Mizieliński and Aleksandra Mizielińska, creators of Welcome to the World of Mamoko and MAPS, two fantastic books from the fall 2013 inaugural line of books from the spectacular new imprint, Big Picture Press. Like Welcome to the World of Mamoko, The World of Mamoko in the Year 3000 is a look-and-find book that screams at readers, from the cover even, to USE YOUR EYES! And, like Welcome to the World of MamokoThe World of Mamoko in the Year 3000 is a large format board book that, at 16 pages, is great for little kids, especially those who may be too young for the iconic Where's Waldo books by Martin Hanford. But, unlike the Waldo books, The World of Mamoko in the Year 3000 invites readers to tell the story in this mostly wordless book. 


Readers get off to a great start telling the story (or stories) in The World of Mamoko in the Year 3000 with a page that introduces the cast of 32 characters, inviting readers to find them on every page and discover their adventures. As an added challenge, readers are told that some apples have gotten loose and have rolled around into nooks and crannies on every page.

You can read this book over at least 32 times and find a different narrative unfolding each time as you follow each and every character, all of whom have quirks that affect and direct the course of his/her day. Add to this the future world of Mamoko, which does look pretty different. Of course there are lots of robots and aliens as well as flying surf boards, pod-like space ships and lots of interesting aliens to observe. The future looks pretty modular with walkways threaded throughout the city, making for a very pedestrian friendly place. And, if you happen to own Welcome to the World of Mamoko, you might even notice a scene or two from the past!

And it's not just apples that are scattered across every page to be found. Anything from a watermelon to a tea kettle, a heart shaped lollipop and a pair of scissors (and many more things) can be found on every page. All of this adds up to make for a very fun book, but it's the Mizielińskis have created a world,  both present and future, that is inhabited by friendly and hardworking characters who also know how to have fun! It's a pleasure to visit Mamoko in any century!

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Source: Review Copy

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