Who Is Driving? by Leo Timmers

Who Is Driving? by Leo Timmers makes me smile every time I read it! Timmers's book Bang, with the bright,  cartoonishly-retro, detail packed illustrations that recall one of my favorites, Richard Scarry, made him an instant favorite. With Who Is Driving? Timmers takes a simple guessing game and makes it enormously fun for toddlers and parents, providing many opportunities for kids to interact and share in the story by guessing the answer to who is driving and making the accompanying animal sounds effects. Keys in hand, animals line up to hop in and drive away. A page turn reveals who is driving which car, and it's not always obvious who belongs where, which is part of the fun.

Besides being a fun guessing game, Who Is Driving? is a great way to introduce kids to the people in the neighborhood, as the old Sesame Street song goes. Community helpers and careers are on display in every eye-pooing illustration. At the end of  Who Is Driving? we see all the drivers lined up and the question is asked, "Who will get there first?" Through his text and his illustrations, Timmers finds myriad ways to engage his readers and get them to think beyond the page, which I especially love.

And, as Timmers shows in this spread that is a great example of how he gets readers to think and observe details before making a guess, driving is not limited to vehicles with four wheels that roll down the road...

Source: Read in a bookstore

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