Zoom! Zoom! Sounds of Things That Go in the City by Robert Burleigh, illustrated by Tad Carpenter

Zoom! Zoom! Sounds of Things That Go in the City is the newest book from the prolific children's book author Robert Burleigh, illustrated by Tad Carpenter, acclaimed illustrator and designer and lover of Kansas City, MO. I'm sure that there are more cars and trucks and things that go picture books out there than I know of, but I feel like there is always room on the shelf for one more, especially a good one that captures exactly what little listeners are looking for in a book of this nature - action and onomatopoetic text, rhyming optional. And, of course, awesomely frenetic, colorful illustrations packed with details. I'm happy to report that Burleigh and Carpenter deliver on all fronts.

Burleigh's rhyming story takes the reader from sunrise to sunset. Joggers, garbage trucks and "Hustle Bustle Rush-Rush-Rush" gets the city going. There is a time of day for every activity going on in the city, with work time following wake-up and traffic picking up.

Lunch time, schools out and then play time and party time follow, and things never seem to slow down. Carpenter's retro illustrations are in a traditional Lego palette of read, yellow blue and white and all his vehicles have happy faces. More than the typical descriptions of what each vehicle does, Burleigh's text captures the action and movement of the city and the cars, trucks and trains that rush, rumble and roll through it on a daily basis.

As dinner time nears, bicycle riders whirr by on their way home to eat and party time in the city kicks off with some jazzy razzamatazz happening on Broadway. Finally, it's sleepy time and the city that never sleeps winds down. The cars and trucks all close there eyes - for the most part - but we know that there will always be something on the move.

Don't miss Robert Burleigh and Ross MacDonald's fantastic picture book biography of Jack Kerouac and homage to the vast expanses of America, Hit the Road, Jack.

Source: Review Copy

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