Jumping Jack by Germano Zullo and Albertine

Germano Zullo and Albertine are the duo who created Little Bird and Line 135 and now the very funny, kind of weird Jumping Jack. Jumping Jack and Roger Trotter are show-jumping champions. A perfect pair, invincible, "you could almost say that they were two halves of the same person. Or two halves of the same horse. Or something."

But things begin to go very badly for Jack and Roger, first at the Tournament of Primrose. The disappointment prompted Jack and Roger to visit the vet, who said it was nothing serious. Just "minor tendinitis in his front left hoof, a slightly contracted muscle in the buttocks, a bruised right hind hock, neuralgia in the neck, flatulence, the hint of a cavity, and an allergy to cat hair."

Jack and Roger try a psychologist next. He concludes that Jumping Jack is just a "little bit sad, a teeny bit anxious, a tiny bit nervous, a wee bit cranky, and, of course, quite tired." The psychologist prescribed nothing but rest and the duo spent two weeks at the beach thinking it would do the trick. However, the next tournament proves just as disastrous - that is, until a tumble sends Roger's big, red, round eyeglasses onto Jack's eyes and the problem is solved!

Some very funny illustrations follow, with Roger hanging on for dear life as Jack goes through his paces like a pro. The crowd cheered, happy that Jack was back. The very next day, Roger and Jack visited the ophthalmologist...

Jumping Jack definitely has a European sensibility, but a sense of humor that kids will love, no matter what they know or think about professional horse jumping.

Also by Zullo and Albertine:

Source: Review Copy

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