Little Pear Tree by Rachel Williams, illustrated by jenny bowers

Yet another beautiful, out of the ordinary book from Big Picture Press. Little Pear Tree is an oversized board book with 25 flaps to lift with creatures to uncover. Written by Rachel Williams, each page has rhyming quatrain that follows the life of the little pear tree.  Jenny Bowers's illustrations are wonderful and the design of the book especially worth checking out. The flaps are illustrated on both sides and they blend seamlessly with the rest of the illustrations. The book begins in winter with this quatrain:

                 Winter puts the world to sleep
                 and blanket all with snow.
                 Beneath the earth, a little seed
                 waits patiently to grow.

Spring finds the little pear tree blossoming and birds, bees, butterflies and deer unable to stay away.

In fall, the little pear trees stands at rest, "awaiting autumn's call."

As the book ends, the moon rises and winter is "now in sight." And the little pear tree, not little anymore, has become a home.

Source: Review Copy

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