Run, Dog! by Cécile Boyer

Go! Fetch! Run! Jump! Catch! Good dog! Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, Grey. Boyer uses almost as many colors as she does words in her book Run, Dog! Starting on the endpapers, a bouncy red ball gets the dog of title on the run.

Some of the pages in Run, Dog! are narrower than most, making it a flip book of sorts as well as speeding up the action. 

The bouncy red ball takes the dog through many scenes, from the playground to a backyard picnic to a park bench where a romantic moment is about to happen - until the dog runs by after the ball. The humans in the story are all seen in silhouette, many traditional, but a few with modern touches like earbuds, hoodies and baseball caps. 

A romp through the zoo and a tear through a busy street lead to the dog's owner, sitting under a tree and reading a book. A pat on the head and the two hop on a scooter and ride off the endpapers.

Boyer's book is great fun to read, the kind of book that is read over and over, the images that make up the narrative fun to follow.

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