642 Things to Draw and 712 More Things to Draw by Chronicle Books LLC

Hot on the heels of the fantastic 642 Things to Write About and 642 Things to Write About: Young Writer's Edition are these brilliant books to keep the artists sketching! 642 Things to Draw and 712 More Things to Draw are exactly what you would expect - a creative collection of prompts. The pages are divided in half, diagonally, horizontally, vertically, and into four quarters - each section with its own prompt - all of which are interspersed with full pages with only one prompt.

A few of the 1,354 prompts (642 Things to Draw + 712 More Things to Draw) are:

Static, sprinkles, foam, goose bumps, a screwdriver, a poker face, a pet in a cast, a dog in a purse, a popsicle, a gentle giant, a treehouse, hunger, envy, an avocado, applause, your doppelgänger . . . 

Google the title of the book and you can see many, many examples of sketches from these books. One young woman in Venezuela has even dedicated a blog to this book, 642Things to Draw!

More to draw!

Don't Miss these gems for writers!

And, for shutterbugs:

Source: Review Copy

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