Animal Kingdom Information Graphics by Nicholas Blechman, 80 pp, RL 3

Animal Kingdom : Information Graphics Series, Volume 1 by Nicholas Blechman is the newest book from Big Picture Press. Printed on thick, glossy paper with edge tabs denoting the different sections, the infographics cover everything from species to senses to record breakers and food and drink, family, habitats and killers. A final chapter on man's best friend is devoted to dogs.

Silhouetted images on the pages illustrate and separate the information that is presented in graphs and diagrams. Animal Kingdom : Information Graphics Series, Volume 1 works best when graphs are used to make a point, as in the Super Swimmers infographic below.

The information displayed is out of the ordinary at times, too. One page shows the numbers of teeth in various animals as well as the different types of bacteria found in the mouths of various animals - and humans.

The Big Bellies page shows how much animals eat and drink compared to the size of their bodies. My favorite page is called Curiosities and shows animals that can mate with other species, creating hybrids, along with images of the possible hybrids. The section on families is also a lot of fun, showing how babies are raised (single parent, mother and father) what they eat, who heeads the family and just how big a family can be.

 Animal Kingdom : Information Graphics Series, Volume 1 is a great way to get kids interested in the natural world, or to feed the minds of kids who are already intrigued by these sorts of facts and figures. Next up in the Information Graphics Series: The Human Body!

Source: Review Copy

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