My Bus by Byron Barton

I have yet to review a book by Byron Barton here, but he takes up quite a bit of shelf space in the board book section with his fantastic, mostly transportation themed, books. Brightly colorful, with bold, blocky illustrations, Barton has a way with simplicity that is attractive to toddlers. In My Bus, Barton hits a grand slam with several forms of vehicles making an appearance AND a bus filled with furry passengers, giving listeners the chance to add animal sounds! He also throws in some counting practice for good measure.

 Joe drives his bus around town (Sam drives in the companion book, My Car) and picks up passengers and takes them to the boat, the train and the plane. The illustrations of the cats and dogs looking out the windows of the various transports is pretty funny.

At the end of the day, Joe parks his bus and he and his dog head home in his car and the moon shines down on his empty bus. It's hard to convey how wonderful a simple book like My Bus is in a written review. Really, you have to park a toddler in your lap and read  My Bus out loud to fully appreciate what a joyful experience it is connecting in this way.

More books by Byron Barton!

Source: Review Copy

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