Milo and Millie by Jedda Robaard

Jedda Robaard's Milo & Millie is a charmingly illustrated story of a boy, his bear and the bath.

The book begins, "This is Millie and me." We see Milo holding a folded boat which, if you look closely, you will notice is a map of Robaard's native Tasmania! Milo and Millie are going on an adventure. 

They pass a busy city, fearsome (windup) frogs and weather a terrible storm from which they are rescued by a whale! A whirlpool captures them next, but they are rescued . . .

The story of Milo & Millie ends with bedtime, but the book itself ends with instructions on how to make a little boat. Robaard's illustrations are done in gentle pastels and peacefully calm, despite the adventure that Milo and his bear endure.

There are many, many books about bath time and dirty children, pirates, dogs (and pigeons) who need to take a bath, but very few of them are memorable. Milo & Millie is a quiet book, but a memorable one. It is also a bedtime picture book that will make remind little listeners of how cozy and warm you feel when you are out of the bath and snuggled in your jammies, under the covers.

Other great picture books that take place in the tub . . .  

Source: Review Copy

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