Number One Sam by Greg Pizzoli

Number One Sam is Greg Pizzoli's second picture book, and a fantastic follow up to his debut, The Watermelon Seed. Once again, Pizzoli treats readers to a bright, brisk palette, simple but expressive characters and, once again, a grasp (and gentle presentation) of the anxieties that sometimes confound young children.

Number One Sam begins, "Sam was number one." Sam is number one at speed, turns and, naturally, "finishing races in the number-one spot." That is, until Sam is not number one. The night before the next big race, Sam just can't sleep. On race day he is too nervous in the line-up to even talk to his fellow racers. 

Sam is so distracted that he even misses the starting flag. But, Sam overcomes his anxious feelings and soon is in the lead - until a new distraction threatens to slow him down.

Sam has a tough decision to make, and Pizzoli wraps up the story with a simple but wonderful ending that will resonate with little listeners in the same way that being first will. 

As with The Watermelon Seed, Pizzoli once again creates a fantastic book trailer with a great soundtrack that makes me want to see fully animated versions of his books!

Don't miss The Watermelon Seed
Greg's MUST HAVE debut picture book, 
especially now that summer is here!

And, some more great art from Greg Pizzoli I just had to share here! I hope that Greg gets a notion to write and illustrate a Richard Scarry-type, animal and vehicle filled picture book one of these days!

Source: Review Copy

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