Red Panda's Candy Apples by Ruth Paul

New Zealander Ruth Paul's first two books to be published in the US just happen to feature my two favorite animals! Last year I reviewed Hedgehog's Magic Tricks and, aside from the presence of a winsome hedgehog, I was charmed by Paul's gentle sense of humor,  sunny palette and sweet story. Red Panda's Candy Apples delivers all of these wonderful qualities and more!

When Red Panda decides to sell candy apples there are a few ups and downs. The candy apples are so yummy and everyone - including Red Panda - wants one. Or two. Mouse buys a small apple for her whole family and carts it off in a wheelbarrow made from a teacup on wheels. Bushbaby and Duckling get into a bit of a sticky spot over the last candy apple, but Paul ends Red Panda's Candy Apples on a happy note and with a hilarious final illustration.  There is third book featuring Paul's adorable animals coming soon, and I hope that there are many more to come!

Be sure to check out Julie Danielson's interview with Ruth Paul, 7 Questions Over Breakfast, where I learned that she lives in a an off-grid straw bale house, among other interesting facts!

Coming soon . . .

Source: Review Copy

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