Sleep Tight, Anna Banana! by Dominique Roques, illustrated by Alexis Dormal

Sleep Tight, Anna Banana! by Dominique Roques illustrated by Alexis Dormal marks the debut picture book from the premier publisher of graphic novels for readers of all ages, FirstSecond and it is a gem! Both the wry storytelling and the energetic illustrations call to mind one of my favorite picture book author and illustrators, Jules Feiffer, who has written his own bedtime story, which has a similar sense of urgency and importance.

It's late and Anna's parents have said, "Lights out," but Anna just can't put her book down. It's "fascinating . . . frightening . . . hilarious . . . gripping!" Unfortunately, her stuffed friends would really like her to turn off the light.

But Anna will not oblige. In fact, she is enjoying her book so much and so loudly that she makes her pals a little cranky.

Then the tables are turned on Anna and in a very funny way. Anna's stuffed animals, who get character introductions on the endpapers, are portrayed perfectly in Sleep Tight, Anna Banana!, something that is hard to do without being overly sweet or sentimental, and I think that the comic/graphic novel influence in this picture book is responsible for that. Roques and Dormal bring a superb sense of humor to the story, which is filled with emotional range and expressive details. I am so excited with FirstSecond's foray into the world of picture books and can't wait to see the next book from Roques and Dormal - Anna Banana and the Chocolate Explosion!

Source: Review Copy

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