Bonjour Camille by Felipe Cano, illustrations by Laia Aguilar

Bonjour Camille by Felipe Cano, illustrated by Laia Aguilar, was originally published in Spain, where the creators hail from. Like scores of picture books here today, Bonjour Camille features a feisty, girl with lots of imagination. While Camille does wear a tutu (and a top hat, which she refers to as her "battledress") unlike so many of the pink-soccer-playing-cowboy boot wearing-princesses in picture books today, she is not cloying or precocious and, surprisingly, she does not appear on every single page of the book. It's Camille's imaginings that take up page space with illustrations that, like the story, are also vibrant and out of the ordinary.

Bonjour Camille begins, "On Sunday mornings, as soon as the sun comes up, Camille opens her eyes and . . . puts on her battledress: a tutu and a top hat. She has so many things to do!" First, she needs to jump on the bed until her mother says, "THAT'S ENOUGH!" Then she needs to eat "loads of cherries" and name the waves, for a start.

Bonjour Camille ends with choosing a favorite color, letting an ice cream melt in her hand and . . .  Then Camille "hears a voice from the other side of the door" that booms, "STOP THAT JUMPING!" Camille has so many things to do!

Illustrator Laia Aguilar is the co-founder of Bobo Chooses, a high-end children's apparel company. In the spirit of great design and creativity, check out this review of Bonjour Camille at This Picture Book Life that features handmade fortune tellers inspired by the book!

Source: Review Copy

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