Countablock by Christopher Franceshelli, art by Peskimo

Last year I reviewed the brilliant Alphablock by Christopher Franceschelli, with art by Peskimo. And now they are back with, dare I say it, the even more brilliant Countablock! The creativity in the design of the book itself and the illustrations in both books is out of the ordinary and a pleasure to pore over. Although the books are large, chunky and kind of heavy, they lay flat and can be enjoyed even if they can't be held by little hands.

Countablock begins with one acorn that becomes . . . One oak tree! Ten pails of sand become ten sand castles. After reaching the number ten, Countablock goes on counting by tens all the way up to 100 with two page spreads between filling in the rest of the numbers. 

Caterpillars become butterflies, cucumbers become pickles, eggs become chicks (and one dinosaur) and tadpoles become frogs. The best is 100, with a double gatefold, when 100 puzzle pieces become one big puzzle!

Don't miss Alphablock!

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