Dog Days of School by Kelly di Pucchio, illustrated by Brian Biggs

Dog Days of School is a very funny flip-flop-school-story written by Kelly DiPucchio and  illustrated by Brian Biggs. Charlie does not like going to school and is tired of everything about it. In fact, Charlie is "tired of being tired." Norman, Charlie's dog, seems like he has it all - a soft bed to sleep on and nothing to do. As he falls asleep in Sunday night, Charlie wishes he was a dog. When he wakes up the next morning, his wish has come true - Charlie is in Norman's dog bed and Norman is in Charlie's bed, being shaken awake by his mom!

Norman follows the human routine pretty well while Charlie kicks it in the dog bed, a big smile on his face. Despite a few odd looks at first, Norman fits in at school and gets the job done. At home, Charlie finds he can stare out the window watching leaves fall for hours on end and is not above a "long, cold drink . . . from the toilet."

Of course, all good things come to an end. Charlie's behavior gets him a very long time-out in the laundry room and he decides it's time to end the switcheroo. Unfortunately, all he can do is bark.

Happily, a wish made under the light of the stars does the trick and Charlie wakes up a boy again, very happy to be headed off to school. And Norman? As the final page shows us, he took a "very, very long nap."

Source: Review Copy

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