Littleland Around the World by Marion Billet

As a bookseller and parent, I was always surprised by the lack of Look-and-Find books for kids who weren't quiet ready for the intensity of the Where's Waldo books. Which is why I was so excited when I discovered Marion Billet's Littleland last year! And now we have Littleland: Around the World to add to the growing list of Look-and-Find books for toddlers. Billet's illustrations are bright and cheerful, just like her big-eyed animal characters. She fills each two-page spread with just the right amount of activity so that finding the selected objects, which are presented on the bottom of each page on a white background, making it easy for little ones to recognize something they may have never seen or heard of before in the illustration above.

In Littleland: Around the World the animals spend quite a bit of time in Europe, however they do visit the Netherlands and Finland, which is a bit different for a book of this nature. The Little Ones start their journey in London and end in New York city, visiting European capitals, Egypt, Africa, India, China, Japan and Australia in between. While keeping it simple for the intended audience, Billet also includes things like a barge, and accordion, a gondola, a sitar, a turban, a sushi roll and a boomerang that are sure to start fun conversations!

Both Littleland and Littleland: Around the World are beautiful books that would make great gifts - especially for a little one about to embark on a long plane, train or car ride! Be sure to follow the Look-and-Find link for more great books for little ones and older kids - and adults!

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