The Popularity Papers: The Less-Than-Hidden Secrets and Final Revelations of Lydia Goldberg and Julie Graham-Chang by Amy Ignatow, 208 pp, RL 4

Tomorrow marks the end of a really, supremely, special era that began back in 2011. Book 7 of The Popularity Papers, The Less-than-Hidden Secrets and Final Revelations of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang, will be published. Amy Ignatow may have been capitalizing on the popularity of the Dork Diaries and Diary of a Wimpy Kid when she created the diaries of Lydia and Julie, 5th graders dedicated to cracking the popularity code before entering middle school, while keeping track of their social experiments in their diary. I have waited in anticipation for each and every book and reviewed all of them, something I don't normally do with a series. And I stared at Book 7 for a few days, not reading it, not wanting the series to come to an end. But then I just had to read it. I may not be ready to say goodbye to Julie and Lydia, but Amy Ignatow does send them out on a very high note. Julie and Lydia are funny, thoughtful, creative, industrious, brave and kind. The kind of fictional characters you want your kids to spend time with, characters your kids will find inspiring.

So, rather than a review, this is a farewell, a walk down memory lane. And this is also another chance for me to share this wonderful series with readers of my blog in the hopes that you will share it with the kids in your lives!

A Chanukah gift for Amy, handmade by her mother-in-law and a friend.

The Popularity Papers: The Complete Series

 The Popularity Papers in paperback! 
Books 1 - 5

Source: Review Copy

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