Construction by Sally Sutton, illustrated by Brian Lovelock

Sally Sutton and Brian Lovelock are the creators of fantastic books about all the things that gigantic, hardworking vehicles specialize in. The illustrations provide all the details little listeners love and the texts are packed with onomatopoetic words that make these books fun to read and especially entertaining. Their newest book, CONSTRUCTION, begins, Dig the ground. Dig the ground. Bore down in the mud. Shove the piles in one by one. Slip! Slap! THUD!" In CONSTRUCTION we witness a building being built from the ground up. The reader gets glimpses here and there, but it isn't until the penultimate page of the book that we learn what the workers have been building - a library! The final page of CONSTRUCTION, as in the final pages of DEMOLITION and ROADWORK, shares Machine Facts for readers who need all the details!

I could only find the one interior illustration from CONSTRUCTION, so here are some from DEMOLITION (and a link to my review) and ROADWORK, both of which are available as board books!

Source: Review Copy

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