I Am a Witch's Cat by Harriet Muncaster

I almost didn't review I Am a Witch's Cat by Harriet Muncaster on the belief that there is not much new you can do when it comes to a holiday themed picture book. However, Harriet Muncaster does bring something very new and charming to the genre and, technically, I Am a Witch's Cat isn't even really a Halloween book as it does not even mention the holiday.

I Am a Witch's Cat begins, "My mom is a witch, and I am her special witch's cat." Our little narrator has a special way of seeing her world, and what a special world it is! Muncaster has created a miniature world out of paper, fabric mixed media and photographed it to make the illustrations in this book. 

The little narrator of I Am a Witch's Cat is sure that her mother is a witch because she keeps lots of  "strange potion bottles in the bathroom that I am NOT allowed to touch." 

And a visit to the grocery store? That's where mom buys "jars of EYEBALLS and GREEN FINGERS." Mom also grows magical herbs in the garden and cackles and swaps spell books with her friends (during what is clearly a book club meeting) and has a broomstick that looks very much like a vacuum cleaner. I Am a Witch's Cat ends with our narrator telling us that, even when she goes out, her mom is "always my mom, but I think that sometimes she just needs a break from being a witch." The final illustration shows mom, Bewitched style, flying above the rooftops on a broom, pointy hat, cape and all.

Set pieces from I Am a Witch's Cat !

Source: Review Copy

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