I'm Brave! by Kate & Jim McMullan

I'm Brave is Kate & Jim McMullan's fifth book about things that go. When I was a book seller, these were my "go to" books for toddlers into all things that go. The McMullan's happen to be among the rare creators of picture books featuring garbage trucks. Considering the fervor with which many toddlers adore garbage trucks, I am always surprised by how few picture books about them are on the shelves. I guess it's not easy to come up with a good story about these vehicles, though. This is what makes the McMullan's books so brilliant! Told in the first person, these things that go tell little listeners all about themselves. Illustrations, and text, are packed with the kind of details that toddlers soak up like sponges.

Using all the appropriate lingo, the firetruck narrates a 911 call from start to finish. As with all the books in this series, the humans are absent, which works for me. It leaves streamlines the story and illustrations and allows the focus to stay on the vehicle/narrator. This story moves fast, like a fire engine should, as he heads toward the Pine Street Warehouse. Once the fire is out and the fire truck has returned to the firehouse, it gets cleaned up and put to bed, just like little listeners. . .

More books in this series!


And dinosaur books!

 Source: Review Copy

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