Sam & Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Jon Klassen

Mac Barnett Jon Klassen are the brilliant team that brought us Extra Yarn, winner of the Caldecott Honor Medal. With Sam & Dave Dig a Hole, Barnett and Klassen have created yet another book that readers (and little listeners) will instantly bond with. Seemingly simple, this book will satisfy adults and kids and is sure to get repeated readings wherever it lands, in part because of the wry humor of the story and illustrations as they play against each other, but also for the simple fact that KIDS LOVE TO DIG HOLES.

Sam & Dave Dig a Hole begins, "On Monday, Sam and Dave dug a hole." Dave tells Sam that they are on a mission and they will not stop digging until they find "something spectacular." The boys dig and dig, always just missing that "something spectacular" that the readers are treated to in illustrations that are cross-sections of the earth. Over and over, no matter which way they decide to dig (and they do some pretty creative digging) they come up empty while the gemstones they are just missing get bigger and bigger. Sam and Dave stop from time to time for chocolate milk and animal crackers, while their dog, along for the ride, seems to sense something. Exhausted, the boys fall asleep in their hole. Their dog, however is onto something spectacular, to him anyway. Sam & Dave Dig a Hole has a surprise ending that will have you returning to the first page of the book, pleasantly perplexed.

Be sure to take a moment to watch the excellent book trailer for Sam & Dave Dig a Hole and enjoy the Burl Ives soundtrack!

And, don't miss Jon's visit to Tales on Moon Lane, an award-winning independent bookstore in London that invited him to fill a display window with dirt . . .

Source: Review Copy

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