The Yeti Files: Meet the Bigfeet by Kevin Sherry, 122 pp, RL 2

The Yeti Files series by Kevin Sherry is just about the best thing EVER! Sherry, who is the author of some very funny picture books that I enjoyed reading out loud at story time when I was a bookseller, is perfectly suited to take the helm of an endeavor like this, in terms of illustration style and sense of humor. And his appreciation of large magical and non-magical creatures. Book 1 of The Yeti Files is titled Meet the Bigfeet and, even though it really, truly is a meet & greet, there is just enough plot to go with the FANTASTIC, detail filled illustrations to make a meal of it. I couldn't find too many illustrations to share with you here, but Sherry's book trailer really does the job and I hope you'll take 90 seconds to watch it so you can get the full scope of the fabulousness of The Yeti Files: Meet the Bigfeet in which we meet the family, learn about cryptids and cryptozoology as well as the bad guy, George Vanquist, the bumbling cryptozoologist who has shot to fame after taking pictures of Brian. Brian, cousin of our excellent Yeti narrator Blizz Richards, had to abandon his really awesome treehouse compound in Canada when Vanquist spotted him.

Blizz and his assistants, an elf named Alexander, who LOVES working so much that he spends his eight-month vacations (Santa knows that four months of toy making is very stressful) with Blizz, and Gunthar, a goblin who lives to torment Alexander, get things done in Blizz's lair/headquarters. Blizz also has an Arctic fox named Frank who is silent but infinitely intelligent and, I suspect, might end up saving the day more than once in this series. The action in The Yeti Files: Meet the Bigfeet happens when Blizz gets in invitation to a family reunion (he, Alexander, Gunthar and Frank fly there on the back of Jack Saturday, fellow cryptid and unicorn, who has a few things to say about his weight. Once there, Blizz just can't enjoy himself without Brian and, by way of a sprig of rosemary, tracks him down at a hidden campsite where he is roasting red potatoes with olive oil and rosemary. The reunion is a success and Frank manages to thwart George Vanquist and bring on a new team member!

I can't WAIT for the next book in the series, which I hope will be forthcoming at a rate of two or more a year. I had a line of kids ready to check this book out before I could even get the barcode label on it when I brought it into the library last week and I have already ordered a second, third and fourth copy so that everyone can get in on the cryptid action!

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