Vanilla Ice Cream by Bob Graham

I read and reviewed my first Bob Graham book back in 2010 and have been amazed and delighted by everything he does since then. His newest book, Vanilla Ice Cream, is no exception. Graham is a miniaturist with a global vision, a deeply gifted storyteller and a gentle, subtle teacher.

Vanilla Ice Cream begins in the heat and dust of India with Annisha and Suhani, who are playing hopscotch in front of a truck-stop. A young, curious sparrow watches them. This sparrow is bold, alighting on Annisha's finger. He is also "free to go where he pleases." Vanilla Ice Cream is the story of this sparrow's journey and the surprising, sweet spot where it culminates, continents and thousands of miles away.

The journey of the sparrow leads to a fleeting, unexpected moment that results in a brand-new, wonderfully delicious experience for Edie, a baby in a stroller spending the day in the park with her grandparents. How do these two paths cross? I hope you'll read Vanilla Ice Cream to find out.

Source: Review Copy

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