Lowriders in Space by Cathy Camper, illustrated by Raúl the Third, RL: 3

Lowriders is Space is the first installment in what I hope will be a long graphic novel series written by Cathy Camper, author, artist and librarian and illustrated by Raúl the Third. Like no graphic novel I have seen before and arriving with a raft of celebrity blurbs from the likes of Jon Scieszcka, Megan McDonald and Amy Sedaris, Lowriders is Space is about three talented friends and their dream of owning their own garage. And, to make things even more interesting, these friends are an octopus named El Chavo Flapjack with a talent for car washing, a mosquito named Elirio Malaria, a gifted detail artist who, despite his name, does not carry the disease ("Don't be scared eses! Only lady mosquitos bite vatos for food!" he yells at potential - fleeing - friends) and Lupe Impala. Lupe is the leader of the pack, crack mechanic and I'm pretty sure she is also an actual impala.

When they decide to enter the Universal Car Competition where the "Most Mechanically Inventive, Exquisitely Detailed Cosmic Car" wins a "carload of cash and a solid gold steering wheel." Out of money and in search of parts to pep up their car, Lupe, Elirio and Flappy head out to the old airplane factory where they find some very special parts - rocket parts.

I think you can guess what happens when, after hours and hours of work the crew takes their car for a test drive. Once in outer space, amazing things happen and the car becomes one with the galaxy, so to speak. The final page of the graphic novel, which comes after author and illustrator's notes and a glossary defining all the Spanish words used in the story,  which are also defined on the pages where they appear, sets up an adventure for the next book!

Source: Review Copy

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