Riff Raff the Mouse Pirate and Riff Raff Sails the High Seas by Susan Schade, illustrated by Anne Kennedy, RL:1.5

Riff Raff the Pirate Mouse and Riff Raff Sails the High Cheese are the first two books in a new early reader series by Susan Schade who, along with her husband Jon Buller, created one of my all-time favorite trilogies, The Fog Mound, which is a brilliant blend of traditional and graphic novel. For this new series, Anne Kennedy illustrates with a colorful, cartoonish charm.

In Riff Raff the Pirate Mouse we meet Captain RIff Raff and his crew and get an eyeful of the Sea Cat, a clever craft made from found objects. When Blue and Brie show up with a treasure map, part of which Brie was nibbling on, the adventure begins! While the treasure doesn't turn out to be quite what they expected, it's exciting nonetheless. While the names of the mice pirate crew might be a challenge for emergent readers, the large font and short sentences are perfect. 

In Riff Raff Sails the High Cheese, the crew finds their big cheese has been stollen! Fortunately, Ali the Gator heard that someone saw a big cheese somewhere, somewhere that sounds like . . . HAT! Or is it mat, bat or cat? The crew of the Sea Cat sail the sewers in search of their cheese and, when they find it, are prepared for battle!

More books in the 
Riff Raff the Mouse Pirate series:

Source: Review Copies

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