Is there a dog in this book? by Viviane Schwarz

Viviane Schwarz has long been a favorite of mine. Back in 2008 she introduced us to Moonpie, André and Tiny, a pack of cats in a brilliant lift-the-flap book who, when not hiding invited readers to toss them balls of wool,  open boxes for them to hide in and to blow on the page to try them off after being caught up in a fishy "floodwave" to hilarious ends in There are cats in this book.  In There are no cats in this bookMoonpie, André and Tiny try to break out of their book and into the real world (with wishes from readers) and they even send a postcard to the reader when they succeed.

Now, with Is there a dog in this book? Moonpie, André and Tiny face their greatest challenge - a chihuahua. At first the trio is filled with fear and hiding - in the piano, in a wardrobe and even packed into a tiny suitcase, all of which makes for very fun flaps to open. After much fleeing, the three finally, fearfully, decide to meet the dog (who gets a very funny word bubble) and they even reach out a paw to pet him! 

By the end of the book, they are inviting the reader to pet the doggy and filled with worry and sadness when he runs off. But fear not, Is there a dog in this book? ends on a very happy, silly note.

Please be sure to watch the wonderful clips of all three of these books being read out loud. I think it's Schwarz doing the reading - her characterizations are fantastic - and I especially love the same blue nail polish the person turning the pages wears in all three clips!

There are no cats in this book     There are cats in this book 

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Source: Review Copy

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