Ball, word and pictures by Mary Sullivan

Winner of the 2014 Theodore Seuss Geisel honor award, BALL (note the clever credit of word and pictures) by Mary Sullivan is newly, perfectly available in board book format. Presented in a graphic novel style with multiple illustrations per page, BALL is a simple, yet highly entertaining and engaging story told with a single word - ball.

With BALL, we get to spend the day with an enthusiastic, single minded dog who has a very rich, active dream life. The day starts off perfectly with a great game of ball. But soon enough, the ball thrower, and equally enthusiastic little girl, is out the door and off to school leaving the dog to find a new playmate or entertain himself.

There is a very funny scene where the dog unsuccessfully tries to get mom, who is meditating, to engage. The baby in the bouncy chair just starts crying and the cat has a hissy fit. The laundry basket seems like a potential playmate, but the dog eventually ends up back on the bed and asleep.

Sullivan is such a talented storyteller and illustrator that BALL could have been a great read if it was just about the dog and his love for playing ball. However, Sullivan takes readers on a fantastic journey through the overheated, ball-addled dreams of the dog, a glimpse of which can be seen above. BALL ends on a happy note, the girl returning from school and resuming the game as she steps a foot in the door.

BALL is such a fun book and a joy to read - over and over again. Which is another reason it's so great that it's now in board book - it will hold up better to repeated readings!

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Source: Review Copy

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