Cat & Bunny by Mary Lundquist

Cat & Bunny is the debut picture book from Mary Lundquist, an author and illustrator we are sure to see more of for years to come. Lundquist has an illustration style that is whimsical and adorable (in the least sentimental way possible) that she pairs with a pale palette dominated by blues, greens and stark white backgrounds. Yet, the text of Cat & Bunny is simply written and subtly meaningful in the themes conveyed. And, as one reviewer astutely noted, the dedication page for Cat & Bunny has an illustration (a tree branch with three acorns and leaves, two acorns next to each other, stems crossed, with a third alone on the other side of the branch) that thoughtfully foreshadows this story of friendship and friction. 

Cat and Bunny are the best of friends. Born on the "same day of the same month of the same year," they happily do everything together, including their Made-Up Game, which they alone know the rules to.

But, Cat and Bunny aren't the only two animals in the park, so to speak, and soon others want to join in the Made-Up Game. Bunny is generous and welcoming when Quail asks to play. For Cat, sharing does not come so easily. Feeling abandoned, Cat wanders off. Soon enough, a new playmate appears - a kitten with a ball of string - and a new Made-Up Game begins. This time, when Giraffe asks to play, Cat answers a cheerful, "Yes," and begins showing Giraffe how to play as more and more arrive to join in. Happily, even Bunny makes his way over to the new Made-Up Game. When he asks to play, he is met with a resounding, "Of course!" I especially liked Cat's Made-Up Game because it's something that all three of my kids have played one time or another, turning our backyard into a crazy-string-spiderweb. 

Below are alphabet animal babies from a promotional postcard that I just had to share!

Source: Review Copy

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