Little Bird Takes a Bath by Marisabina Russo

little bird takes a bath is the newest picture book from Marisabina Russo, author and illustrator of one of a picture book I loved reading at story time when I was a bookseller, the bunnies are not in their beds. Little Bird likes to start each day with a song, and after a rainy night with honking horns, bobbing umbrellas and wing-rattling thunder, he is looking forward to his bath when the rain is gone. A sunny day dawns and Little Bird sees puddles everywhere, but finding just the right one proves difficult.

Russo's illustrations are wonderful and she does a magnificent job of capturing the energy and adorableness of a bird taking a bath. Her palette has a springtime feel to it and she alternates between a city setting (some with zigzags so you can follow Little Bird's flight path) and close-ups of Little Bird in his nest or in the park puddle hopping. Russo's text is perfectly matched to her illustrations, with the repetition of words and onomatopoetic sounds filling out this simple but enchanting story. 

After dodging danger in the puddle in the park more than a few times, Little Bird gives up and heads home. On the way there, he finds just the right place to finish his bath as the sky turns pink. At home in his nest Little Bird ends his day happily and with a little song. 

Now I am going to check and make sure my birdbath is full!

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Source: Review Copy

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