Lovey Bunny by Kristine A Lombardi

Lovey Bunny is the debut picture book from Kristine A. Lombardi. It's a marvelously illustrated story (with a layered, collage feel to it) about a creative little bunny who loves everything from reading, her family, art, and pretending she's a grown up. 

But, most of all, Lovey loves to play dress up.  

When Lovey finds something special hanging on Mama's closet door, she just can't resist. She "simply had to try it on!" My favorite illustration is of Lovey rolling down the street on her scooter, black movie star shades on, her mother's black evening gown trailing along behind her. Sadly, Lovey's adventure doesn't end well. First, Lovey is remorseful and then she is creative. She snips and tapes and adds some sparkly sequins and soon the dress is ready for Mama to wear to the big party! Happily, Mama loves the new design, too.

A sweet book, Lovey Bunny will appeal to all little listeners, but especially those with a crafty eye!

More creativity from Kristine A. Lombardi!

And some extremely cute drawings of dresses!

Source: Review Copy

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