Lullaby & Kisses Sweet: Poems to Love With Your Baby, selected by Lee Bennet Hopkins and illustrated by Alyssa Nassner

Lullaby & Kisses Sweet: Poems to Love With Your Baby is absolutely brilliant! There are never enough good collections of poetry for children, let alone babies and toddlers, and poetry is such a vital part of learning to talk, read and love words. It makes perfect sense that Lullaby & Kisses Sweet: Poems to Love With Your Baby is brought to us by the good people at abramsappleseed, a relatively new imprint dedicated to fostering the  "development of its young readers" and engaging "them and their adults in artful, beautifully conceived books." Lee Bennet Hopkins, anthologist of over 100 collections of poetry for children, has selected and organized the perfect poems for the littlest listeners and Alyssa Nassner, illustrator of the Montessori series of educational board books, has wonderfully illustrated this chunky, slightly oversized board book with vibrant illustrations filled with adorable animals and things babies and toddlers are sure to recognize.

Like Nassner's illustrations, Hopkins organizes the poems in Lullaby & Kisses Sweet: Poems to Love With Your Baby with recognizable, important themes. The poems themselves are appropriately short, melodic, alliterative and easy to memorize so that you can choose your favorites and recite/sing them to your baby anywhere, anytime. And I guarantee you that, if your baby is talking, she or he will eventually memorize special poems and recite them with you! Poems in this collection come from some of the greats in the world of children's literature, but I'll let Lullaby & Kisses Sweet: Poems to Love With Your Baby speak for itself with the pages below.

Source: Review Copy

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