RHYMOCEROS by Janik Coat

*Originally published March of 2015

Hooray! Janik Coat, creator of the fantastic hippoposites, brought to us by the wonderful people at Abrams Appleseed in 2012, is back with a companion book - RHYMOCEROS! Coat has a visually stunning style that is paired with a fresh take on what are usually tired concept books. Where hippopposites stands out for a creative use of opposites, RHYMOCEROS is equally matched with creative rhymes - rhymes that you and your little listeners will love repeating. Coat starts off with simple rhymes like "old/gold" and "strong/song" and builds to rhymes like "shade/lemonade," "caring/daring," "alone/on the phone" and "furry/blurry," all of which lend themselves to intriguing, funny, fancy antics from the titular blue rhinoceros. My favorite rhyme, which I couldn't find a picture of, is "tired/wired," which I will leave to your imagination . . .
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