The Babies & Doggies book by John & Molly

Honestly, I should just type the name of this superb new book by John & Molly and leave it at that. The Babies & Doggies Book - it says it all. But there is an added brilliance to The Babies & Doggies Book that must be noted. As a parent and a bookseller, I have long known that babies LOVE looking at pictures of other babies. I have also long bemoaned the lack of quality board books with pictures of babies in them. And, while there are always (thanks to DK's my first board book series) great board books with superb pictures of animals that babies love, this is the first time that I have seen babies and dogs brought together like this.

The Babies & Doggies Book isn't just a collection of pictures of babies and doggies, which would be fine by me. In The Babies & Doggies Book, babies are compared to doggies. Babies reading this book will delight in seeing the dogs doing the same things as the babies, from eating and running to kissing and cuddling, the text is gently rhyming and a pleasure to read.

Source: Review Copy

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