Full Speed Ahead! How Fast Things Go by Cruschiform

Full Speed Ahead! How Fast Things Go by Cruschiform, a French creative studio started by Marie-laure Cruschi in 2007, reads like an inforgraphic with each page presenting a speed (KM/H and MPH) and things that move at that speed. With your interest piqued, you can flip to end of the book where there is a glossary that provides a paragraph of information about the vehicle, person, animal or force of nature being clocked, from a hedgehog to a Zodiac inflatable boat to a tornado to the Apollo 11 spacecraft. Surprising and intriguing, it is great fun to flip back and forth between pages comparing speeds and what is speeding.

The large trim size and crisp, vivid graphics of Full Speed Ahead! How Fast Things Go are visually engaging. The simple format encourages an initially speedy page turn, with lots of re-reading and flipping back and forth. The true beauty of Full Speed Ahead! How Fast Things Go is the immense readability of the book. Even a pre-reader who is not familiar with numbers will grasp the concept of the book, which begins with a Galápagos tortoise, and animal universally known for having a slow pace. And, while Full Speed Ahead! How Fast Things Go may seem to focus on a narrow sliver of information, it is a fascinating sliver that is sure to get readers asking questions.

More children's books by Cruschiform, available in French only - for now!

Source: Review Copy

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